30 April 2007

insólitos ioRne

mais um insólito ioRne:
lugares reservados na primeira fila em frente a um ecran plasma para o Benfica-Sporting!!!
só mesmo na casa de banho das "gajas" no dolce-vita em coimbra!
de preferência no primeiro andar!
(são mais lavadinhas lol)

29 April 2007


Black & Dark na eliminatória final do consurso! e obviamente vencedores mais que merecidos...

as outras bandas da final



22 April 2007

Black & Dark

Black & Dark 21.04.2007 Vencedores no concurso de bandas no Vila Rosa (curia)
...é muito "rock" nestas cabeças lol

13 April 2007

with no one

Seal your wide shores
With no one in between
You feel your fading dial
You know someone's happened
And you shouldn't feed these things
But let's go
Fading away your nights
You fade to white
You lay me down as I go to the store
Sorrow ate me, I'm not me anymore
Play these heavens one more time
I'm not yours and I'm not mine
Fly a ladder around
Rails succumb to run
Get up
Hear your fates that again reload
The black walls of space take me all the way

08 April 2007

david linch again

INLAND EMPIRE one more of the troughbled movies from the best director ever known. on movies and theaters now.

03 April 2007


what does the world expects from us? what does it expects from eyself?
what do I expect from myself! do I realy expect something1? do i realy believe that the world exepcts anything at all from me? why! is the society expecting us to get along with eachouther! is that our porpuse?

"I can't see the sunshine
I'll be waiting for you, baby
Cause I'm through
Sit me down
Shut me up
I'll calm down
And I'll get along with you"
(the strokes,2006)

is that realy necessary why can tell me?

Between the click of the light and the start of the dream"
(the arcade fire, 2007)